tekv offers various value add services that complete any automation project with details that often go overlooked.

Shipping Costs, Parcel Spend Auditing

How much per month do you spend on carriers? Ask us about a free, no obligation/hassle audit. All we need is 45-60 days of package data which is easily exported from any shipping platform. With this data, our software will review and uncover savings is most cases. There are many factors such as service level, zone count, sweet spots of weight/dim combinations, etc. that can lead us to finding ways to save you money.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

If you are still using manual stations and/or software, we can help. Even if you have contracts you are happy with regarding rates and service, proper software setups will be faster, more efficient, and much more flexible as more options enter the market such as multi/omni-channel sales, various last mile services, and much more. We are here to help.

Need advice onsite?

Our process is simple. We will help guide the conversation to understand your present goals as well as look into the future of things. With our years of experience in helping companies automate processes and solve supply chain challenges, our commitment is to not waste your time with a “pitch”, but to provide informative, valuable, and timely solutions. We look forward to working with you. See our simple project form, this is a great way for us to get an overview of your current processes and needs.

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