Shipping Costs Audit

Shipping Costs Audit

No Cost Review

tekv provides consulting services with shipping programs that are both accessible and affordable. No matter your size or shipping volume, our services bring shipping and fulfillment to a new level. We offer a free evalutation of current shipping processes, carriers, rates, and where opportunities exist to save.

Qualify for Free Shipping Software

We have serveral software partners in shipping and logistics with access to many systems that are completely free with our discounted rates.  We also have agreements that allow us to offer many different software systems at substantial discounts or at no cost with a basic qualification process.  We provide a breakdown of the best software systems for your company’s specific needs and goals and detail special pricing available

Better Rates

Shipping 50 pieces a day? 50,000 pieces a day? If you are looking for better shipping rates or software, we are here to help. Our no-cost consultation includes analysis of 60 days of shipping. We will pinpoint the savings opportunities. Most companies save between 14% and 23%. It is always worth finding out if we can help. We will be the first to tell you if our services are not a great fit.

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