Warehouse Design

Warehouse Design

A recent published warehouse article indicates that the total warehouse cost is 4.78 percent of annual net revenue.

Improving production, quality, and inventory workflow in all divisions has the potential to save on workforce, occupancy, and direct delivery costs. It also has a positive impact on the quality of customer care and inventory management. To progress, development measures in different aspects of the delivery center must continuously be reviewed and refocused. This is where evaluation or audit of a warehouse center takes place.

Expert Guidance

We guide our customers with an impartial, unbiased warehouse review to determine all areas of future change. We work closely with our customers to create well-focused and thorough guidance on best practices in the industry. To help understand the existing procedures and challenges, we interview delivery centers, administrators, and supervisors and integrate them with what we see on the site tour.

These suggestions can be placed into the new delivery center or a potential site immediately. Our advice can enhance your productivity, increase quality, and improve your inventory workflow, all of which will reduce your total warehouse costs and cost 10% to 20%.

Why Choose tekv?

tekv develops and provides tailored solutions utilizing cutting-edge technology, practical capabilities, and  equipment from top tier providers to help you meet  industry best practices. We are not just a hardware provider We customize the solution to your budget and needs.

Whether you operate a 750,000 square foot facility or a 25,000 square foot start-up facility, we use functional and achievable methods and solution delivery to help the operations immediately. We truly understand and respect the importance of our customer’s ROI and aspire to identify extremely economically significant ways to address all of today’s problems on the market.

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