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tekv delivers innovative end to end solutions that optimize movement, reduce operational costs, and bolster the bottom line

Our technology is found in many types of industries and operations. Whether your company is new to automation with rapid growth, or a well established Fortune 100, we offer turnkey systems that are modular, affordable, and provide ROI in under 12 months in most cases.

  • Order Picking, Fulfillment

    We are here to help in choosing the right order picking solution. Our team works with your operation to ensure the best fit, rapid ROI, and business case. Whether a simple upgrade to how things are done now, or a complete makeover to the bleeding edge of technology, we are here to guide your journey.

  • Goods to Person

    Minimizing steps in the warehouse is essential to ensure operators are most efficient. Systems designed to bring picked orders or SKUs to complete orders eases walking distances and greatly increases productivity. Contact us to learn more about goods to person systems.

  • Conveyors and Sortation

    As a leader in 24V technology, tekv provides FAST lead times on many conveyor modules in varying sizes. Our systems are MDR based for transport, ZPA, and other applications. Conveying system efficiency is essential to providing a business with smooth product flow. They help to streamline internal logistics in all types of production environments by transporting, controlling, tracing, and accumulating products and related movement. Conveying equipment facilitates the creation of automation systems and production processes to add value, control quality, and to help expedite delivery of goods and products to their ultimate destination.

  • End of Line Automation

    One of the most common areas overlooked in the warehouse is getting shipments out the door. Companies often put tons of effort and resources into order picking and storage, but the traffic jam happens at the end of the line. Processes such as scanning, weight and dimensional capture, print and apply of shipping labels, and sortation can be automated with amazing ROI. Contact us to learn more today.

  • Software and Controls

    Software is the heart of any automation system, and what makes a system function, communicate, and interface equipment, host systems, and perform tasks. As a full turnkey systems provider, we have the tools and technology to connect humans and devices to fully automate many tasks within a warehouse.

  • Shipping and Receiving

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