24V MDR Conveyors

24V MDR Conveyors

24 Volt Motor Drive Rollers

tekv provides designs that are compliant with all roller conveyor styles and forms. tekv  offers motorized roller 24-volt ZPA conveyors. This technology makes it easy to have modules of conveyor to build out nearly any design. Controls are simple with no high voltage VFD’s or controls cabinets to run power. Runs off 110/120V power.

Zero Pressure: Zoned Conveyor, Easy Controls

Motor driven rollers are available as transportation conveyor or zero pressure conveyor. Transportation only is moving packages with no real logic involved, very simple. Zero pressure, or  ZPA conveyors are designed to transport goods in zones, where products do not touch, generally known as ‘zero pressure accumulation.’ This plug and play logic only runs when a package is present on conveyor and saves on power and reduces costs.

This compact nature makes it faster and easier to design and install Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) conveyor systems than traditional conveyor systems. Conveyor systems with motorized drive rollers (MDR) are often easier to modify and extend in the future. The 24-volt ZPA conveyors are regulated by a control card containing the Photocell link and program controlling the MDR series.

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