Automated Packaging systems

Automated Packaging systems


The Autobag bagger is an innovative, automated packaging machine designed for durability, versatility, and packing optimization. This technology provides full computer up-time and decreases the overall costs of ownership. It is practical for cycling at speeds of 100 stacks a minute.


A new architecture has resulted in a revolutionary, intrinsically stable system. To achieve a secure hand-load operation, light curtains or double palm switches are not needed. The Autobag is right-hand or left-hand configurable for HMI access, bag loading area, cycle move increasing ergonomics, and efficiency for operators.


The framework has been integrated with mobility to allow the Autobag to satisfy all packaging needs. This bagger is exceptionally compliant with counters, scales, and feeds from third parties because of its open design. The Autobag can also be networked to allow total integration and central control of packaging stations.



This integrated high-speed package processing device accepts items in a ready-to-ship robust box. PriorityPak is the best option for variable volume and shipping needs using sophisticated sensor technologies. PriorityPak provides various materials: sturdy and flexible PriorityWrap Bubble Laminate, giving cushioning and containment or PriorityWrap Rigid Sheet, which can be used to hold, preserve, and secure surfaces.



  • It offers superior security for the item. It wraps goods in a cohesive, secure box (Cold Seal) which seals objects to reduce transit change.
  • Easy interface. Plug into the 110V system, attach the system to the compressed air, charge the material rolls, and supply them. This is the minimum preparation for the operator involved without scale or volume change.
  • Simple integration. PriorityPak smoothly blends into established manufacturing lines to maximize activities.
  • It reduces the cost of cargo. Compact, custom box from PriorityPak eliminates freight costs in comparison to on-board cartons and void-filled products.
  • Increases pace of results. PriorityPak creates a capacity of 20 packages per minute.
  • It improves the service to consumers. Unique color labeling, easy-to-open strips, and punching promote a strong unboxing experience.
  • It improves sustainable growth. PriorityWrap Rigid Board components are biodegradable with curbside, as they are made from Kraft liner-board.



FloWrap is a mailer device that positions the package on a conveyor belt as its primary initiative. Up to 30 packages a minute can be automatically sorted and in the “correct size” so that the box has no space. The system’s intelligent sensing technology checks the dimensions of an object and outputs the bag’s length depending on the product size. The framework can be implemented in established shipping lines smoothly, including other time-saving automatic functions capable of measuring, manifesting, validating, and arranging packages.


Compared to conventional poly mailers, their packing duration is substantially greater than that of FloWrap. The process of FloWrap can quickly improve high-speed production and ship packages considerably quicker to make your firm more efficient.

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