Narrow Belt Sorters

Narrow Belt Sorters

Narrow belt sorters are designed to transport packages using several narrow belts as the conveyance surface. Strong friction wheels rise between the rollers to divert products reliably from the conveyor at 90 degrees in most cases. Some higher speed applications utilize 30 degree transfers. The conveyor is constructed such that small to medium objects are moved from both sides of the sorter. The items may include cartons, soft packages, totes, or jiffy mailers.

90 Degree Sorters

The product is transferred from the sorter at a right angle to the main belts, and its direction is shifted. This configuration can operate at speeds of up to 90 cartons per minute.

30 Degree Configuration

High sort rates can be handled by a high-speed unit fitted with rollers. The rollers are placed at a divert angle of 30 degrees. Sort rates happen very fast at approximately 100 packages in one minute, and this rate also depends on package size.

Benefits of a Narrow Belt Sorter.

  • Best “bang for the buck” in medium to higher speed sortation.
  • It is highly flexible in adding more sortation lanes with growth.
  • It uses less energy than traditional sortation systems.
  • The 30 and 90 degrees divert can be operated simultaneously or interchangeably to achieve high throughput.

The NBS can be applied in mid-rate sortation, packing sorters, taping and carton closing stations, direct package feeding, and tote buffering systems.


The TGW Polysort is a reputable sorter in the class of verified NBS sortation solutions. TGW Polysort is the ideal solution for mixed poly-bag and carton handling processes in modern technologies. The latest changes to the specification prevent poly bags from sinking between the belts, while natural rubber carrier reels with high friction provide optimum retention for slippery poly bags. Specific, automated, pneumatic, belt-taking systems deliver standardized belt tension on each belt and additional high and low elevators with guides to avoid poly-bag snags.

The TGW Polysort with various mixed and jiffy packages – including small packs and box sizes from 2 ounces to 40 pounds – is capable of a belt speed of up to 300 feet per minute. The TGW Polysort is highly adaptable to several e-commerce specifications. Besides, this sorter has an outstanding reputation in the class of the best performing NBS sortation technologies.

Features of the TGW polysort.

  • It specializes in sorting the hard-to-divert loads.
  • Contains nine belts in close proximity.
  • It has a customizable diversion lift extent.
  • Has high friction rubber.
  • SEW Movimot motor drives the rollers.
  • Belts with individual take-ups.

Advantages of TGW polysort.

  • Sortation of flats, poly-bags, cartons, and envelopes can be achieved on the same sorter.
  • Loads are hindered from dipping below the surface.
  • Prevents poly bags from snagging.
  • Gives a high grip to divert the smoothest packages.
  • Instant and powerful acceleration for rollers.
  • Drive train maintenance is eliminated.
  • It provides consistent and even belt pressure in all belts.
  • Small-item sortation


Small-item sorting offers a more straightforward way to order goods correctly and effectively by reducing the number of contacts, transfers, and conveyors needed to use conventional sorters. Any barcode is read and transmitted in a single pass regardless of the height, wrapping, or orientation of an item.

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