Pick to Light

Pick to Light

Compared to paper-based or other technologies, tekv pick-to-light system stands out as one of the efficient order-picking processes when paired with the right order types, SKU mix, and density of layout. The system is more intuitive than paper or matching because it is a visual process, so the precision of picking is much greater than paper-based systems. Lights direct the employee to the exact SKU positions where the goods ordered are picked. Light picking is highly scalable and incrementally low cost to add capacity as SKU counts grow.

Using Pick to Light

Usually, pick-to-light is aligned with systems with a limited number of SKUs, and high frequency picks per SKU, but it can be used for a maximum SKU count in large-sized installations. In commodity areas of relatively high turnover, PTL is usually used and often paired with radio frequency (RF) systems to protect little turnover regions.

Typical pick-to-light display.

A light picking system stands out as one of the most comfortable and most effective picking systems than many other paperless picking solutions with low SKU counts and high line items per request. If the pick item is smaller in size and weight, PTL is highly efficient.

Pick to Light Applications

Pick-to-light operations differ depending on the manner with which orders are packed and consolidated.

Light Picking > Pick-to-Belt > Sort to Pack.

Picking to belt involves putting each item on the belt and sorting in large waves or batches for packing stations on numerous orders. Lights appear on the display of the module for workers to choose the amount and item to pick. The objects are then transmitted to box stations, checked, and sorted. Dispensing (machine pick-up) and voice or RF picking can also be included in this process. It helps operators gather huge numbers, group products through packing stations, and automate the whole process without paper.

Light Picking > Pick-to-Carton or Tote.

tekv also applies light picking mechanisms in pick-to-carton processes.

This collection process typically starts by reading a barcode on the package (or tote). The digital monitor for the products to be selected is triggered. This indicator illuminates the number to be picked from each position. By clicking the confirm display button, the worker confirms the picking process. While the procedure itself is usually identical with each selection, depending on the number of product references and the warehouse’s configuration, one may organize the framework differently. tekv acknowledges needs are unique for every customer and SKU scenario and ensures the right fit for the need, budget, and ROI.


Lights are beneficial for picking, but also for put walls and put locations. A put-to-light refers to placing batches of products in cartons, or consolidation for packing once an order is completed. A cart with multiple boxes or totes shows where each item is retrieved or a set of open cartons – with corresponding lights – may be displayed in the consolidating or packing station signaling the chosen item’s location.

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