Weighing and Checkweigh Systems

Weighing and Checkweigh Systems

Weighing and Checkweigh Systems

Most end of line systems include a final weight to be captured before a shipping label is produced. tekv also has the ability to perform a weight check against an expected weight versus actual weight, then make decisions based on business rules to accept or reject the final weight. This can be used to verify correct number of items picked, measure full cases, etc.


Devices used to charge a customer in any way requires NTEP in North America certification, or “legal for trade”. This is a certificate allowing billing against a given weight, similar to the stickers you see at a gas station or a deli billing you for a pound of meat.


Checkweigher Systems

A checkweigher is a solution that weighs objects as they pass through an assembly line, then groups or ejects objects according to their predetermined weight zones. A full checkweigher device mainly includes the scale part, in-feed section, discharge part, line divider or rejector, and computerized control. The checkweighers and their modules differ considerably based on their application, the type of objects being weighed and the external environment.


Reject devices

tekv has a wide range of pneumatic and electric controlled item-rejecting, redirecting, or diverting devices. A variety of different systems are available to meet the individual application, depending on the type of commodity, speed, and material handling criteria


Customized applications for sorting items are available from tekv. If you need to sort, redirect or divert any item or package, we will match the right divert or sorter to the application. Diverts make it simple for sorting and rejecting scheme makes it simple to transfer quickly, without losing pace while automatically putting and arranging goods inside the manufacturing line for increased efficiency.

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